Director Greetings

Being a leader in the aircraft fuel supply.

Respected Customer,

Welcome to PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya.

PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya is a company formed by AIRBP and PT AKR Corporindo Tbk in November 2016, we specialize in aircraft fuel in Indonesia, from fuel supply to refueling into plane at an airport in Indonesia. PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya appointed Virita Harlistyanti as President Director in accordance with Notarial Deed No.134 dated April 28, 2017.

PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya ensures that our decisions are based on Vision, Mission, Values and Health, Safety, Security and Environment (HSSE). With our experience, our customers are perceived as a team that will always be our top priority and that journey starts from visiting our website or contacting us.

PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya is committed to providing modern customer services, PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya always considers the safety and security of the customer a top most priority, which has been further intensified during the global Covid-19 pandemic.

With innovation and robust management practices, our goal is to become your trusted partner. On behalf of PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya team, we look forward to welcoming you in our Air Refueling Depo (DPPU).

Mr. Willy

Director of PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya