PT Dirgantara Petroindo Raya markets, distributes and supplies aircraft fuel to customers in bulk and packaging, including into-plane services to customers’ aircraft. The products offered are aviation turbine fuels which are often called avtur and aviation gasoline (avgas) according to the standards in the international aviation industry.

In addition of it our capabilities also cover for services in:

  • Design and build – depots and vehicles
  • Operate jet fuel facilities/infrastructure (Product Quality and Operational Support)

    To provide comfort and a helping hand, our experienced team offer expert day to day product quality and operational advice for handling, storage, transportation and into-plane of aviation fuels

    • Provision, maintenance and operation of facilities and equipment to receive, store, transport and deliver aviation fuels.
    • Provision and operation of equipment to test aviation fuels for quality. Guidance on fuels quality throughout the supply chain, including sampling, testing, documentation and equipment e.g. tanks, sampling systems, pipework, filtration, mobile and fixed plant.
    • Implementing an equipment approval process, ensuring equipment is compatible with aviation fuels.
    • Incident and emergency support, to help manage a crisis or accident in real time